Short Film

Introduction        Process       Conclusion

Footage from Home-Room Ep.2

Technical Information:

Programs Used: Adobe Premiere Pro, Audition, After Effects

Role: Creator, Director, Videographer, Video-Editor

Date: June 2018

Client: British Columbia Institute of Technology – New Media Design & Web Development


In this project, I wanted to create a short film that shares more about my family – specifically, my cousins in this video. The reason: I wanted to take the opportunity to spend time with them while also create a project on them because it’s not every day I get to see these guys. I took advantage of where we took them and the views we saw and wanted to share my appreciation for them. Most of the footage in this video was shot out of my room – but, of course, it will always end up back to where I started.



First, I wanted to do an exploring-type video without going too far away from my theme of always being in my room – and I make sure that in this series I always end up in my room to edit. So, I had ideas about doing tourism and exploring and coincidentally, my cousins were coming to visit. So, I editted the meaning of the video to revolve not only on exploration and tourism, but also my cousins – I wanted to express my appreciation for them and I felt it’s best to story-tell through video.


I created a storyboard to visualize what type of shots I wanted of my cousins and our adventures. Initially, I had the ideas thought out on what kind of shots I wanted on the footage. This video was more of a spontaneous one and all the footage used were both planned and unplanned. I would be recording and then an idea would pop into my head on what type of shot I wanted. An example, the image above where Meiler – one of my cousins featured in this video, looked like a silhouette with a nice yellowish background. This wasn’t originally planned, I decided to make it like that to give a nice touch to the video.

Editing Process:

The process took a few weeks to do because of the footage I took. I had to go over which ones I could use and which ones to not include. I wanted to make the video flow smoothly and in order of what we did throughout our exploration. I also wanted to test out new transitions and effects I recently learned to integrate in my film and mixed it along with the past things that I have already learned. I tried something new in this video and didn’t talk throughout the whole film – I gave small breaks inbetween segments of the video – and showed more of the exploring with music in the background.


In conclusion, this project allowed me to explore more of what I can do by working with both Premiere Pro and After Effects – switching between the two to edit and pre-compose work. I enjoyed spontaneously working with my cousins to create a video. It was something different and I had to do my best to be steady when walking to try and stabilize my shots. Overall, this project was fun as not only was it an outlet for expressing my appreciation for my family members and sharing it with the world, but also it was a way for my cousins and I to connect through video storytelling and other similar interests. It was a new way to approach a new project.