Brand Logo

Introduction        Process       Conclusion

Jordan’s Logo (without name)

Technical Information:

Programs Used: Adobe Illustrator

Role: Designer

Date: May 2018

Client: Jordan Chiu


In this project, I was tasked by Jordan Chiu to make him a logo for his online personal account for his web development on GitHub. We conversed about his intentions and I asked some questions like: what he wants his logo to look like, what kind of atmosphere he wants to set, and what type of logo he wanted. We talked different colors, detail and type of look and feel he wanted to convey. I gathered information and chose specific aspects appropriate to start his logo.


Initial Design:

I started designing the logo mainly revolving around his initials and grabbing some inspiration from optical illusions to make it look more dynamic. The reason for only using initials is because it would be too long to fit the whole name as a profile picture for his personal account. So, I started sketching, playing around his initials. I tried multiple versions, I tried the one with the illusion, another where the initials are side-by-side, and another that had the initials crosing over each other. I also tried different perspectives and pmade his logo look like it was facing forward and also sideways and then topped it off with his name in smaller font under the logo. I though why not mix perspective with the intertwining logo and then mixed that with the triangle illusion.

Rough Designs:

I put my initial designs into Adobe Illustrator and then traced them and played around with the color. I also added different styles to it trying to find the one logo that entices him. Colors were also experimented but I was thinking more of a red color to really showcase the whole logo. I placed different backgrounds to see which would make the logo pop-out more and look more enticing and visually represent him. I couldn’t have his initials only because I needed something to grab the attention of the viewer. I then mixed the triangular optical illustion and placed his initials in it. I played around with it until I decided that his initials could be the optical illustion itself – or at least something similar. In the process of, I combine the two letters and played with the layers to put the C behind the J at the top and then popped it in front of the J at the bottom of the logo. I tried placing a circle as a background for his logo and filled it with a bright red gradient to make it stand out and look enticing. But, what was the point of the circle rather than just grabbing attention? I played around with the shapes and figured to use a hexagon instead to make it look more digital and made it look more 3-dimensional. I finalized by adding more depth to the logo by duplicating multiple layers of the hexagon and placing it so that it looks like the hexagon with the logo on it is popping out. I chose these assets to make the logo because I tried to make it represent he is and what he does. I did my best to make it as creative as possible without moving too far away from his vision of what he wants his own logo to be. I chose the red color to represent his passion for what he does, and I have the white light on top of his name to lead the viewers eyes from the red hexagon down towards his initials. I then refined the color to have a gradient and the light to be not so bright that it bothers the eyes – that too, I gave a soft gradient. Then I added his name under the logo because when starting out, a logo isn’t going to be well known yet. So, for viewers to remember that this is a Jordan Chiu logo, I placed his name under the hexagon.


In conclusion, this will start off his brand identity. In the end, this was the logo that I created based off of his idea of what he wanted, mixed with my imagination. Of course, I had multiple tries with this design and beforehand I had different designs in mind that I checked over with him, but this Logo stood out to us the most. He’s going to be using it for his GitHub profile. This logo was designed as a logo that is unique and stamped to those who see it.