Introduction        Process       Conclusion

At the set of ‘Games Night’

Technical Information:

Programs Used: Adobe Premiere, Adobe Audition

Role: Creator, Video-Editor

Date: June 2018

Client: British Columbia Institute of Technology – New Media Design & Web Development

Collaborations: Tolu Olaku, Manuel Torres


In this project I decided to re-edit a short film that my group at the time worked on. I edited a shorter version of that film – a trailer, to promote that short film. I used all the audio and B-rolls that we used in post production during the creation of the short film project, and I broke it down into something shorter. I’m was aiming for something thrilling and I wanted to make a trailer that slowly builds up and then progress into something intense.



Before starting anything, I played a part in brainstorming the idea of what kind of short film the group was trying to make. We wanted something dark but also realistic so we planned out the storyline and what characters are in it. I brainstormed about the message our group wanted to convey to the audience and how we would show that. We aimed for something real because even though it’s a dark story, it stays very real. This trailer is not only meant to promote the short film but also share a piece of the story which is still relevant until today.


I was a part of creating the type of shots that our group planned to shoot for the project. We went for a darker-themed story so I drew out how I wanted some scenes to go and progress. I drew out some shots that I wanted like an overview of the poker table and a front shot of the antagonist handing the weapon to the story’s main protagonist to play russian roulette. Some scenes were also drawn out to flow well together and seem dramatic and dark. The scenes I had invisioned in my mind while drawing out the storyboard was to have little light to give a mysterious, creepy feeling. Luckily, the scenes were shot on days that had little to no sun which improved the mood the group and I were trying to portray while making the storyboard for this short film.

Editing Process:

For this project, I gathered all the B-roll clips that I have saved and also grabbed the audio files from one of my partners. I worked on shortening the clips and editing it to fit with the music background. I edited some audio too to get rid of background noise, and also tried to make the audio the best quality. I added some voiceovers so the video wouldn’t feel empty. While editing the trailer, I decided to start by slowly revealing parts of the story without spoiling it. I wanted to start with something slow and then progressed it into something intense. Then, I matched the intensity of the music with the scene to build the tension and end with a cliffhanger. What would happen next? Well, the rest will be in the full short film.


In conclusion, this project allowed me to create a dramatic trailer for a short film. I managed to create something cool because I worked with a team. It wasn’t only me working on the short film at the time, but also the other members: Manuel Torres, and Tolu Olaku who also edited parts of the video and audio. With their help I was able to reproduce the video we created and create a short trailer for it. I was able to match scenes with the music and other audio aspects. I kept the trailer from spoiling too much and revealed just enough to hook the audience in. This trailer, along with the short film, was heavily inspired by the struggles of some parts around the world today. Through this trailer, I wanted to not only show a sneak preview of the short film, but also raise the awareness surrounding that topic.