Illustrated Poster

Introduction        Process       Conclusion

Project: AIELLO poster

Technical Information:

Programs Used: Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop

Role: Designer, Creator, Illustrator

Date: June 2018

Client: NMT Production Company


In this project, I was tasked in creating a unique movie poster by NMT Production Company. So, I decided to create a poster for an upcoming film called Project: A.I.E.L.L.O. This is a persona. What I’m trying to create is this someone who represents the angels and demons that are hidden in this one person who wears a mask. The film refers to how people hide specific emotions because they are signs of cowardice, weakness, danger, isolation, and leads to the fact that they fear they are no longer accepted in a reality that they belong. And so, AIELLO, who carries these emotions that are perceived as angels and demons, wears a mask


Initial Design:

To start the process, I created some thumbnails and sketches sticking to the theme that I wanted the persona to be brought to life by having different types of masks. So, I sketched a lot and found inspiration ranging from a jester mask to a doctors mask from centuries ago. I played around with what I wanted the facial expression of each mask to be and decided that the jester be the most sinister-looking. So, I made that one have a creepy smile. Another mask I wanted to be mysterious which is the doctor mask due to it having a long beak-like feature to it. The third mask is the “neutral” mask which is a mask that AIELLO wears when in control of both his demons and angels – The side where he has full control. These ideas kept coming at me while creating sketches for the movie poster and that lead to me picking the top 3 characteristics for this persona and even him out.

Rough Designs:

I found free images that had more depth into them compared to my sketches so I placed those into Illustrator and then quickly and efficiently made the outlines for the masks general shape by using squares and circles and manipulating those shapes. I then added specific aspects to the masks, adding eyes, glow, shadows, and more outlines. I the colors of the poster and the design some meaning to it. The gradient glow in the background is referring to a small light in the dark which is like in a way a small ray of hope in the dark – the dark being the world, the society, etc. The purple on the jester’s mask represents mystery but also ambition. All the yellow – including the gradient at the background, the eyes, etc. are all representing hope. Each of the Masks connect with 2 of the 6 letters that make the word AIELLO.  The doctor mask for A and I stand for Abstract and Instinct, the E and L stand for eccentric and love (The “neutral” mask at the right side), and Finally, the other L and O stand for lust and ominous (The Jester). I finished up by adding the title and release date. The font was somewhat distorted and I felt fit the mood I tried conveying with the whole poster.


In conclusion, this project allowed me to showcase creation of posters by illustrations. I was able to be creative with the design and the meaning is relatable to society today so that makes this project relevant and unique to qualify for the task. This whole project was me pouring out a darker part of me onto a movie poster portraying somebody who wears a mask because they want to stay unknown. This poster is not only for me, but for the rest of the world. Through this project, I managed to learn about more about mixing correct colors and refining the overall illustration – while also addressing a darker topic.