A Little About Me

Just in case you missed it on the Homepage, my name is Nathan Magno, and I am currently a student in BCIT’s New Media Design and Web Development Program. Aside from my classes and studies, I make videos and experiment with new effects for them and manipulate images. To learn, I have to keep experimenting and working to test new things. I also find an interest in photography – not the best at it yet, but working on it! I also have interests in creating music and making songs with music videos to visualize to inspire the next generation. I also have interest in playing with effects and applying them to my videos. I find that the special effects add more to a video than just cuts and transitions. All  these I can attempt to try using my PC and my Canon EOS Rebel T6i DSLR. I keep the budget low but still try to create the best quality videos, and graphics with what I have.      

Graphic Design 

Graphics – Image Manipulation, Illustrations, Posters, etc.

Role: Photographer, Editor, Illustrator

Graphics is something I love to play with. I like to create already astonishing images and blend them with other images to create something fantastical and unique. I create a lot of fantasy-like views in my head and imagine what they would look like if they were to be created into projects, posters, or just something in general to share to the world. A piece of art. It’s just a way for me to express my imagination and appreciation for this wide world.

Visual Identity

Storytelling – Short Films

Role: Producer, Video Editor, Director, Visual Effects

Storytelling has had a big impact on how I view my connection with the world. I’ve been heavily inspired by music artists, especially in the Hip-Hop side of the spectrum. I listened to a lot of storytelling these artists do through music and I want to do the same, but through a different way. I want to share my story and other stories through shorts, skits, and more to make my own stamp in this world and to let everyone know, this is what I do, this is what I love, and this is me. Is everything planned? Not necessarily, some I have in mind I want to be spontaneous and candid. Other times I would also improvise. Whatever creates the story in my head in the most accurate, and best way possible will work.