Hello there, I’m Nathan Magno!

I’m a Graphic Designer and Video Editor. This is the Portfolio I created during my time in the BCIT New Media Design and Web Development Program. I am a Graphic Designer, Video Editor, and a visualizer. I find interest in creating something fictional and fantasy-like using images and illustrations. I love to set the mood using visuals like videos, graphics, posters, and more. I strive to create something deep and significant in society today, or maybe even something for people to forget about society and be in a state of appreciating things around them. So, I make videos, posters, comics, anything I find interesting that I want to share because I want the world to be inspired by me as much as I was inspired by it. My work could be humorous, serious, nostalgic, and simple, but that’s just because my work shares a part of me. I know that I can’t do everything alone, teamwork is a big part of me. As much as I want to be creative – I know that in some videos I need someone to play the character that tries to portray the ones in my story, or I play the part and I need someone to get footage of me – so, working with a team is not a big problem.

I always thought about being a video editor/director for a short film. I thought it would be cool to give something out there that means something not only to me but also to someone else. The same goes for my Graphic Design. I want to leave an unforgettable poster or unique art that is mine to inspire everyone. I’d like to say I’m quite adaptive to situations handed to me. Doing challenges, I feel, is a way of adventure. I’m learning, and as I keep going forward, it doesn’t matter how high the mountain is, I’m climbing it.

If you need a Video Editor or Graphic Designer on your team, then let’s talk! I might just be able to provide you with what you need. Below are some of my works. Check them out!

Featured Works:

GALAXIII Banner Design

Focus Fuel Trailers

Home-Room Series - Ep.2