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Focus Fuel Compiled Trailer

Technical Information:

Programs Used: Premiere Pro, Audition, After Effects

Role: Creator, Director, Videographer, Video-Editor

Date: August 2018

Client: British Columbia Institute of Technology – New Media Design & Web Development


In this project, I worked with a group to create a fictitious company called “Focus Fuel” that sold a fictional energy drink. Our way of reaching out to viewers was through video and social media – we have some image posts, but majority were videos or snippets. This project is a trailer that mixes all of our past videos and compile them into one short advertisement.



First, I brainstormed ways that I could compile the three videos and connect them to each other. I decided to keep the videos in chronological order and thought about the types of transitions I could use to smoothly transition from one clip to the next.


Using the clips that I’ve previously gathered to edit the other trailers before, I drew out the scenes that would work well and would leave an opportunity to transition to the next scene. I also took advantage of unused clips in the original trailers and reused some to form the video. The transitions I already had in mind to smoothly go from one to another. But, aside that I planned for quick cuts and only use some “special” type of transition if necessary and/or appropriate.

Editing Process:

The process took a few days of brainstorming and gathering information. It took a while for me to clearly picture how I wanted the video to flow and tell the story. To sell the fictitious product. I placed all the B-Roll I needed – the same with the audio, and cut the audio at an appropriate spot to flow onto the next person. I added some color corrections in some of the clips because I noticed at the DJ part there were some clips that ended up being too blue in color. I needed it to blend with the rest of the clips from that scene. The video was just a lot of quick cuts – as planned – and when it switches onto the next person, I add a different type of transition to make the next scene fit and come in to the mix smoothly. At one point, I had to mask to make a nice transition where the camera pans and goes behind the wall and as it goes behind the wall the next scene reveals itself through the masked side – just a nice way to transition from one persona to the next.


In conclusion, this project helped me find creative ways to compile and create one short advertisement that consists of three videos. I had some struggles figuring out ways to make the video flow and when I finally had it, I went straight to work. It takes a while to create that image in my head but eventually it becomes clear. It just takes some time to click and get focused.