Graphic Design

Graphic Design was something I had my eye on for a while now. I have a lot of ideas that I imagine and I wanted to display them on a poster, brochure, or book, etc. I want to learn more and enjoy creating beautiful pieces of work by playing with typography, manipulating images, and creating visual posters. So, I wanted to make Graphic Design something that I regularly do.

Jordan's Logo

Graphic Design – Brand Identity

Role: Designer

Jordan’s Logo is a logo I created for him to use on his GitHub. The logo is for his profile image to create an identity for him. Jordan and I conversed and communicated a lot to edit and finalize the work to create this.

Project: AIELLO

Graphic Design – Promotional Poster

Role: Creator, Designer, Illustrator

Project: AIELLO is a poster I made for a short film (not out yet) that’s about AIELLO. Who’s name has meaning to it – each letter representing a part of him. He wear these masks to hide what he doesn’t want to show. This was a personal project for my New Media course in BCIT. I got a chance to illustrate something that’s relatable and relevant to the world today. I played with the colors and the typography to create a mood for the poster. I wanted to address something that’s very real to me and to society. I wanted to send a message through this poster.

SPEED Comic Series

Graphic Design – Comic Covers

Role: Designer, Illustrator

The SPEED series was me thinking a lot about comic books and comic book characters. I was inspired to create my own characters that have powers inspired by heroes in other comics. It was a tough process illustrating a drawing using a mouse but the outcome was accurate – even improved, so I was satisfied. I put the illustrations into Photoshop to manipulate images and have them as the background for these comic book characters and from there created the cover of a comic that hopefully one day will get published.

Nathan's Chair

Graphic Design – Realistic Render Illustration

Role: Illustrator

I decided to create a realistic render of my chair. I had to accurately illustrate the shape of the chair, have multiple layers, and then grouped them to have a clean file. Truthfully, this illustration is one of my most accurate illustrations. It does look very close my actual chair. The back rest has these small hole patterns which is why it looks like it’s beige-colored but it’s just from the wall of my room. It actually is a really dark grey color. Aside that, realistically rendering items and making illustrations look as accurate as the item itself is just satisfying for me.

Venture Trilogy Posters

Graphic Design – Comic Covers

Role: Designer

The Venture trilogy was a way for me to create posters that differ from – but also connect to each other. This was the outcome of my imagination and experimentation of my image manipulation skills. A trilogy that’s out of this world – literally – and filled with adventure.