Movie Posters

Introduction        Process       Conclusion

The Venture Trilogy Posters

Technical Information:

Programs Used: Adobe Photoshop

Role: Designer

Date: August 2018

Client: British Columbia Institute of Technology – New Media Design – Graphic Design


In this project, I let my mind go free. I thought about all the movies I watched that were adventure type. I was heavily inspired by Neverland from Peter Pan. I created something similar in one of the posters but also this whole project was a mix of multiple movie inspirations. Pirates Of The Caribbean was also another inspiration for this project.


Initial Design/Brainstorming:

I started off by planning the areas where I wanted to adventures to be. I wanted them to connect and in a way thought about a portal to another area – this leading to the second movie poster. And finally ending with the final movie poster being up in the skies. I wanted to portray my thoughts by looking for images that look mystical and thrilling to go to. I had to find photos that also work together with the perspectives, points of view, and lighting.

Rough Designs:

After compiling the images needed for each poster, I masked a lot of the areas and used a brush for those masks and made the images blend in together. I needed to have levels and color corrections attatched to the correct layer so that it won’t affect the whole poster. I also needed to make the colors blend in – some of the water was a darker blue compared to a more green-ish water color on another image – color balance helped solve this problem. I also had one more color balance to make the whole poster blend and work. I added some text and added a 3-D effect on the text and making it into a 3-D object.


In conclusion, this project allowed me to expand my creativity and imagination and experiment with Photoshop to manipulate multiple images and create one poster. I was able to stay open to creativity and made each poster unique and their own while also keeping them connected with the other posters. I overcame a struggles of just trying to make the colors blend from each image so they all work to be one big poster. It was also a journey creating the ideas and playing with different effects to create what I imagined – an example, using the liquify effect on the first poster to make it look like on the other side of that arc is a new destination. Overall, this project was fun to create and a great adventure that pushed me to keep creating and making more adventures!